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About the Mental Health Alliance for Athletes

Our Mission Statement:

"To elevate mental health awareness within the athletic community, offer comprehensive education on mental health and traumatic brain injuries, and facilitate referrals to both modern medicine and homeopathic treatment professionals, fostering a holistic approach to support the mental and physical health of athletes and sports officials of all ages, and their families."

Frustrated by his own struggles to find proper care after concussions, athlete Jordan Meadows founded the Mental Health Alliance for Athletes (MHAA) in January 2024. Jordan, a hockey player with a history of concussions and mental health issues, had trouble finding sufficient treatment options and resources. He wanted to create a resource for athletes and officials to easily access mental health care and traumatic brain injury (TBI) professionals, as well as support, not just for him, but for his loved ones.


Mental Health Alliance for Athletes is a Registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization. Because of this, your donations and membership dues may be tax-deductible (see a tax professional for details).


EIN: 99-0991264

What We Do

The Mental Health Alliance for Athletes facilitates connections between athletes, sports officials, and families, with resources for treating traumatic brain injuries, as well as mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and addiction. It operates as a one-stop-shop for finding care through its Care Provider directory, comprising medical and homeopathic professionals.


Other ways we help the athletic community include: 


  • Offering appointments to help walk patients through the directory and find the care they need.

  • Assisting patients with connecting to our Alliance care professionals as needed.

  • Providing education materials on mental health and traumatic brain injuries to fitness facilities and the general public.

  • Coordinating speaking engagements between our Alliance care professionals and schools, sports organizations, and fitness facilities.

  • Offering medical financial assistance to help offset medical expenses for patients in need.

  • Offering support groups for athletes affected by mental health disorders or traumatic brain injuries (one for minors and their parents, and one for adults).

  • Offering support groups for loved ones and care givers of athletes affected by mental health disorders or traumatic brain injuries.

Make an impact today! Join the Alliance or Make a Donation to help support athletes of all ages.

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